Vacuum bags 300×400 suitable for pasteurization 80ºC


1000 plastic bags (300x400mm) for Sous-Vide cooking at 80ºC.

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Sous-vide cooking is getting more and more popular among chefs and food production companies worldwide, this is no surprise as the technique has several advantages such as, food waste reduction, cooking standardization and food texture. These bags can be put into the freezer up to -40º with the time limit being the one of the product. Sous-vide cooking can be done in a steam oven, bain marie or with water circulators, enabling the product to be cooked in its own juice with no need to add extra saturated fats resulting in healthier and tastier outputs. The vacuuming of these bags must be done using professional vacuum machines, as they are not suited for domestic machines.

1000 plastic bags for vacuum sealing and Sous-Vide cooking.

  • Size 300x400mm
  • Cooking up to 120ºC
  • 1000 bags per box